Our Films

We have made several films to date. Some were made to capture an historic event such as the recapping of Hough Windmill. Some were made to record the processes of a Leicestershire factory before it closed for good. One was made to explain the history of a particular site and what our Society is trying to achieve there.
Some films are just a few minutes long and can be watched on line from this page. Longer films, or longer versions of some of the films you can see here, are available on DVD.
Our member, Wendy Freer, was responsible for the production of these films with additional camera work by David Lyne on Tubes of Desford , Hough Mill recapped and Equity Shoes. Wendy has now started her own community heritage group, Pudding Bag Productions. It aims to explore and interpret history and heritage through film-making and other digital media. Find out more about Pudding Bag Productions on its webpage or Facebook page.






Click on the thumbnails below to go to a page where you can either view the film or find out more about it.


.......thumbnail of califat site.  Click to go to film of Califat with narrative

Califat Colliery Excavation

........link to page on film about Equity Shoe Factory

Equity Shoes, Leicester

........link to page on film about Hough Mill being recapped

Hough Mill, Swannington recapped